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Select “Start A Project” page and fill up the form and then click “Submit” button. Else you can send us an email here-

We’ll respond your information form request instantly or within 24 hours. We’re available 24/7 so you’ll never have to wait.

Yes, that’s definitely something we can do. Note that you’ll need to provide the live video footage in order to do that.


We are not able to offer a discount due to its very favorable pricing.

However, we require a minimum of 3 projects each month to offer 20% discount.

Yes, we require a minimum of 3 projects each month to claim the above discounts. Discounts from the current plan pricing are payable in a lump sum at the end of each month. In the event the minimum number of projects have not been contracted for by month end, no discounts will be payable.

Of course. Please visit this URL-


Because our prices are so affordable for our 15 second and 30 second duration plans payment in half by Credit Card or Bank transfer is required before we start the project and other half prior to delivery of the approved video.

For our 60 second plans we require 40% payment prior to starting the project, and 60% prior to delivery of the approved video.

Discounts for all other plans of 15% are available for video projects with a commitment of three or more videos in one month. For the discount to apply, all three videos must be ordered and paid for within one month.

If you move forward with us, it’s critical to our business that you’re happy with our work.

If however, we cannot satisfy your needs, we will provide a refund in the amount specified, if the following has occurred-

  1. Before you request a revision of the storyboard with all plans. No refund will be available after you’ve received a revision of your storyboard.
  2. If we fail to deliver you the final project within deadline.


There are 5 steps in creating your video:

  1. Script creation
  2. Creation and approval of several storyboard still images to visualize the concept
  3.  Creation and approval of a storyboard of still images to visualize the entire video.
  4. Selection and approval of the voice over for plans including voice over.
  5. Creation and approval of the animation and selection of music from our library.

For a 15 second video your script should be no more than 40 words, 30 second video, 80 words, and 60 second video, 160 words.

It depends on the duration of the video and the concept’s complexity. For 15 second videos: 2-3 weeks, for 30 second video: 4-5 weeks, for 60 second videos 6-7 weeks, custom 3D video: depends on project complexity.

If you need your video sooner let us know.

2 per step as described under “Process” above.

We can help you create a shorter version of a completed video for an extra cost.

Yes. Contact us for pricing.

First please provide comments as soon as possible after completion of a step in the process described above, and do not revise steps that have been completed and approved.

For example, if we’re already in the storyboard steps, we can’t go back to edit the script. Likewise, when we reach the animation phase, we need to stick to the approved storyboard. Redoing approved creative assets are the biggest contributing factor to delayed schedules and additional cost. We would have to charge for redoing a prior approved step at the rate of $29 per hour, if in fact you choose to make such a change.

Yes, we can help you with that. We charge an hourly rate of $29/hour

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