The meaning of SIMEC is “System Improvement and Modifying Engineering Company”. SIMEC is a leading solution provider for onsite and offshore IT outsourcing solutions to businesses across Japan, Korea, Canada, USA, and Bangladesh. SIMEC Offers total IT solutions, 3D animation projects support to the clients in various sectors of Govt. & Non- Govt. organizations.

Our Outsourcing solutions have been provided from our offshore house ‘’SIMEC System Ltd’’ in Bangladesh. During the last 20 years, SIMEC has successfully implemented more than 400+ projects collaborated with Japanese IT professionals and experts. SIMEC International has been established in Canada in the year of 2019. SIMEC Studio is the product portal of SIMEC International.

Engr. Sardar Md. Shaheen

M. Sc. Engg. (Japan)

Massage from Chairman :

SIMEC Group has been established with a view to create an environment where people from different nations can be worked together; different projects can be established in different countries with ultra modern facilities.

Especially SIMEC has the intention to bring modern engineering & medical technologies to the developing countries as if people of those less privileged countries can be educated with latest science and technology and can be received international medical services. Developed countries can also establish its industries in the under developed countries to utilizes its huge number of human resources to make their cost effectiveness. It is also intended to give you a better understanding of our approach and our vision for the future. So, let us assist you, increasing a project with truly no boundary.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal without sacrificing quality or time. We welcome your participation. Think about Bangladesh, Think about us.

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